October is Spinal Health Month – See your Chiropractor!



18 Ways Smoking Affects Your Health | Smokefree.gov

The Great American Smoke Out is coming….

Every year since the 1970’s the third Thursday in November has been designated to help those quit tobacco use.  For the next six weeks, I’ll share tips and guidelines to help you, or someone you love, quit


Smoking Effects Quitting Effects

Source: 18 Ways Smoking Affects Your Health | Smokefree.gov

Friday Fun Fact

October is the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar, received its name from the Latin numeral octo meaning “eight”, because in the original Roman calendar it was the eighth month.


National Stop Bullying Day, which is referred to by some as “unity” Day is celebrated annually on the second Wednesday in October  This annual celebration is to bring awareness of the need to stand up against and put and end to bullying.




Use #NationalStopBullyingDay to post on social media.


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Emergency Preparedness

It’s no longer National Emergency Preparedness Month (that was last month).  But it’s only to late to prepare during a disaster..

Image shows items for an emergency supply kit. It reads, "Build your kit. Take action by building an emergency preparedness kit. Get tips at ready.gov/kit #NatlPrep. Don't Wait. Communicate."

Create your kit with help from FEMA’s recommended supply list here:

Emergency Supply List from FEMA

October is National Spinal Health Month

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