September is Emergency Preparedness Month

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Disasters happen.  Prepare now with FEMA’s guidelines for emergency preparedness here.


September is Emergency Preparedness Month

It’s important to know how to protect you, your family and your home.

Here is a brief video from with 6 steps you can do right now, before an emergency.

September is Emergency Preparedness Month

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Be prepared, not scared, visit the FEMA website here for more information


Be ready

Take care of you.

What do you do for self-care? Eating mindful choices full of fresh, vibrant colors, getting regular physical activity, and having positive conversations with yourself (You do spend more time talking to yourself compared to talking to everybody else. Might as well say nice things.) all contribute to the three healthy foundations of your body. Take some time today and nurture yourself: go for a walk; call a friend just to say hello; buy yourself some flowers; practice yoga/breathing; get a massage; eat a fresh, local peach; have a mini dance party just for you. Do a little something that make you happy, laugh, or feel restored. Doctor’s orders.


September is Emergency Preparedness Month

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Be Ready.

Visit for more information

The sunshine vitamin


Getting my Vitamin D for the day. But be sure, I monitor my exposure to UV radiation. To help, I use the DMinder app. Once you download it, you can put in information like your skin tone and your serum Vitamin D blood levels. Then, when you are ready to enjoy the sunshine, the app will determine your location, the specific UV index and you can input how much skin is exposed. It give you a time limit to maximize Vitamin D production while minimizing radiation exposure.

Once my time is up, I follow the ACS guidelines for sun protection:

Slip on a shirt.
Slop on sunscreen.
Slap on a hat.
Slide on sunglasses.
Seek shade.
Visit the American Cancer Society’s website at for more information.
Soon… the sun will not reach above 30 degrees of the horizon and our bodies will no longer have the opportunity to make Vitamin D by itself. Then it’s time to think about supplementing. (Stay tuned!)