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Yoga for a Quiet Mind



Maybe for Big Kids Too?


12 Tips to Get Support as You Quit | Smokefree.gov

Get the support you need to quit smoking. Follow these steps to let the people in your life know how they can help as you become smokefree.f4dbdef0a123ef26373b0f2804577252

Source: 12 Tips to Get Support as You Quit | Smokefree.gov

Get Free Help: Speak to an Expert | Smokefree.gov

Receive real-time support and advice about quitting smoking from trained quit smoking counselors. Services available via text messaging or by phone.


Source: Get Free Help: Speak to an Expert | Smokefree.gov

Prepare to Quit | Smokefree.gov

Ready to quit smoking? Make sure you are prepared to quit by following these five steps. They will help you in the days and weeks after you quit smoking.


Source: Prepare to Quit | Smokefree.gov

5 Ways to Stay Smokefree | Smokefree.gov

Staying smokefree takes a lot of determination. Learn the five steps you can take to ensure you quit smoking for good.


Source: 5 Ways to Stay Smokefree | Smokefree.gov

quitSTART | Smokefree.gov

quitSTART is a fun, free app with tips to help you quit smoking: Distract yourself from cravings with games and challenges; earn badges for smokefree milestones; share your progress with your friends


Source: quitSTART | Smokefree.gov