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Taking Sleep Seriously





Go to bed!

The American Chiropractic Association endorses Therapeutica sleeping pillows

In an effort to promote correct posture and proper ergonomics the ACA has renewed it’s endosement of Therapeutica’s line of ergonomic pillows and back supports.
The ACA is dedicated to raising awareness of the critical role proper ergonomics can play in one’s overall health and wellness.
I LOVE Therapeutica’s sleeping pillow! I’ve used one for close to 15 years (my first one lasted 12 years).

Notice the wedge, extending into the thoracic spine.

Notice the wedge, extending into the thoracic spine.

Did you know that your cervical curve begins in the thoracic spine, your upper back? While sleeping on your back, the wedge extension supports this natural curve.

side sleeping
Not only does it support your normal cervical curve while you are on your back, but the raised side sections accomodate your shoulder height to maintain correct spinal alignment.

A well supported sleeping posture can:
*offer relief for shoulder, neck, TMJ (jaw) and back pain
*aid in the reduction of migraine and headache pain
*assist in the reduction of snoring by keeping air passages more open
*be used with a CPAP mask for sleep apnea patients
*help prevent facial wrinkles

Therapeutica pillows are designed to fit the indivual. One size does not fit all.

Please ask if you think you would benefit from a semi-customized sleeping pillow.

Have a good night’s sleep!