Stand up for health

Will all the office couch potatoes please stand up? Your heart may thank you for it.

A new study from Australia — that looked at how sitting, standing and stepping may affect heart health, weight and fitness — found that just two hours of standing instead of sitting may decrease blood sugar and blood fat levels.

“We found that time spent standing rather than sitting was significantly associated with lower levels of blood sugar and blood fats,” said senior study author Genevieve Healy, PhD, of the University of Queensland, in a press release. “Replacing sitting time with stepping was also associated with a significant reduction in waistline and BMI.”walking-926674_960_720

Interventional Cardiologist Jeffrey M. Schussler, MD, of Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital and Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, TX, told dailyRx News, “Even small incremental increases in exercise help improve overall cardiovascular outcomes. People who have predominantly sedentary jobs are particularly at risk, and it would appear that changing the position in which you work (standing or walking instead of sitting) can help.”

In a related editorial, Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, MD, of the Mayo Clinic, wrote, “The fight against sedentary behavior cannot be won based only on the promotion of regular exercise. A person walking while at work for two hours, standing for another four hours, and performing some daily chores at home for another hour will burn more calories than jogging or running for 60 minutes.”

This study was published in the July issue of The European Heart Journal.


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