Love your heart

February is American Heart Month and highlights information that every American should know to be in better health.  Unfortunately heart disease remains the number 1 killer in the United States.  But since February is also considered the “love month” is the great time to show more love to your heart as well.


The American Heart Association (AHA) lists 7 criteria, known as “My Life Check – Life’s Simple 7”  that modest improvements these areas can make it the big difference in your overall health.

The 7 step list is as follows:

  1. manage your blood pressure
  2. control your cholesterol
  3. reduce your blood sugar
  4. get active
  5. eat better
  6. lose weight
  7. stop smoking

Take some time to assess your heart health this month and then follow some easy guidelines to make improvements in any week area.  Over the next 5 Saturdays, I will offer suggestions and solutions for each of these categories (all the blood related information will be lumped together).


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