Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

It’s fall, which means it’s cold and flu season. The average adult comes down with two to four colds every single year.

Yahoo Health editor-in-chief Michele Promaulayko has wellness advice for fighting off first-of-the-season colds:


Tip 1: Sleep. “You have four times the odds of getting a cold if you get fewer than six hours of sleep a night,” Promaulayko said. “So whatever you do, make sure you’re at least getting seven hours every single night.”

Tip 2: Take a probiotic supplement every day. “You can cut your changes of getting sick by 35 percent by taking a probiotic supplement every single day,” she said. “Studies show that even if you do get sick, if you’ve been taking a probiotic supplement, you’ll shorten the duration of that cold by two days.”

Tip 3: Take zinc. “Research shows that taking at least 75 milligrams of zinc within the first 24 hours of that first cold symptom will help you get over that cold 40 percent faster,” Promaulayko said. “Zinc strengthens your immune system and stops the cold virus from multiplying.”

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